The light in San Francisco is…

The light in San Francisco is…

  • Adelaida Mejia
  • 09/27/22

I live in the most beautiful city on earth! The light in my town is unlike anywhere else. When I am working with my clients in homes across the city, I love to discover the beauty of San Francisco's distinctive light and how it makes a neighborhood special. And, what better way to enjoy the world's most fascinating city? Read on to learn about a few of my currently favorite spots.

Although San Francisco is mostly known for its fog and hills, it is also gifted with its many microclimates resulting from its diverse geography. Often these microclimates are observable in how the light travels through the buildings and streets. 

Buena Vista Park has an East and a West side, and the light is completely different on each side. Above Buena Vista West, the light behind St. Ignatius glows right before sunset with the The Headlands as backdrop. Just get over to the top of Buena Vista West or walk into the park to be dazzled. 

In this serene house at the top of the hill in Pacific Heights, looking South, the lacquered ceiling in the main living room is like a pond floating above. The windows let in the natural light reflecting on the ceiling and creating a light-filled environment. My favorite part about living in San Francisco is the light.

San Francisco is a city where you can live your dream. It has incredible weather, gorgeous views and topography, great food, and interesting history and culture. And it also has amazing architecture!

Check out this renovated Mid Century Modern house in Potrero Hill. It has filtered light through landscaping and the use of opaque glass to create an interior lightbox that contrasts the direct, head-on city views with sharper light.


The light in San Francisco is exquisite, fascinating, memorable, gorgeous, gentle, forthright, and inspiring. San Franciscans speak about it all the time. It plays a part in our lives and influences our choices of where we desire to live. Maybe it is no coincidence that one of the reasons that Group f.64, conceivably the most famous movement in the history of photography, chose the San Francisco Bay area for its epicenter was its captivating light.

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