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The empty house and leveraging change as a way to discover a new life

  • Adelaida Mejia
  • 10/19/22

Do me a favor and look around your home; do you love it? Does it fit your needs? Is this where you want to live? If you love where you live, you probably know there is no better feeling than that. If you don't, you might try to assess why. The short answer could partly be that we're creatures of habit. We get comfortable in our routines and don't want to take on change. But what if I told you that there's an entire world out there waiting for you to explore? 



A few years back, I had an experience that I can't forget. My clients decided to sell the home where they had raised their family. They had lived in the house for many years and were very attached to it. And, let's just say it is not easy to say goodbye to memories—especially good ones.



For this family, change was afoot, and after years of living in the house, they decided it was time for a new start. So they packed up their belongings and moved, but they took the time to say thank you to their home in their own ways and fixed the areas that needed repair, refinished the floors, and painted and landscaped. They removed and polished all the hardware from the doors and the lamps from the ceilings. The windows were cleaned, and the original wood was refurbished. The exterior was painted, planted, and cleaned thoroughly. In the process of saying goodbye, they brought the house back to its glory and did it with so much love and care.





In preparation for the sale, they took the time to go through every room and say goodbye. In the living room, they recalled all the parties and holidays they had celebrated with friends and family; they remembered practicing the piano and sitting by in the inglenook by the fire. This family has a strong connection to food, and cooking from local sources is meaningful. In the kitchen, they recalled all the meals they had cooked together over the years, the recipes they developed, and the family and friends enjoying and spending time together. In their children's (now adults) bedrooms, they remembered growing up, homework, sports injuries, and dressing up for school events, parties and holidays. In their own bedroom, they recalled unforgettable moments that filled their life; the view of their beautiful garden, the spa bathroom they designed and loved, and the place to write.





The family still remembers the house. It was more than just four walls and a roof — it was a home. It was a place where they laughed and cried together and shared their lives. The house was a part of who they were and will always hold a special place in their hearts. Even though it's been years since they lived there, the house still holds many meaningful memories for them. Their friends also remember the house. It was always full of life, and everyone felt welcome. The house they created fulfilled its mission of providing the space to grow, make memories, and live an important time together as a family. It will always be a treasure that they cherish. 





Years later, they're all thriving. The new generation is blossoming, and they continue to have plenty of new adventures. And trust me, it's an honor seeing them grow into their new lives. 





The house sale went well; I set the highest comparable in the neighborhood. So do yourself a favor and take a chance. Who knows, you might just find your dream home and begin loving where you live. You won't regret it.



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