3 Best Views in San Francisco

3 Best Views in San Francisco

  • Adelaida Mejia
  • 11/2/21
San Francisco is back in season, and now is the time to fall in love with it again. Whether you are a visitor or a native, the best way to learn about our beloved city is to visit one of our breathtaking lookout points.
Here are my top three recommendations, plus one surprise only locals would know.

Golden Gate Overlook – San Francisco

Golden Gate Overlook is located at Battery Park West and represents one of the most accessible viewpoints in San Francisco. You can reach it using the PresidioGO Shuttle for free from many locations in the city, and it will drop you directly at the viewpoint. From this viewpoint, instead of a side-on perspective like from most other well-known spots, the view is parallel and stunning.

Twin Peaks – San Francisco

Twin Peaks in San Francisco offers arguably the best panoramic views of San Francisco, as well as a vantage point for the Bay. Both hills are situated in the heart of the city, making them the second-highest natural summits in the city. Unlike other viewpoints, this one is open well after midnight, and once the sun sets, you can see the city lights clearly.

Bernal Heights – San Francisco

Although Bernal Heights is a residential neighborhood in San Francisco, it has a stunning sunset spot with a bit of a twist. There are several amazing lookout points in the park including one where a tree swing provides the perfect view of the sunset. Some of the most breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay can be found here, including San Bruno Mountain, theGolden Gate Bridge, and downtown San Francisco.
Enjoy these beautiful lookout points in our wonderful city! Don’t forget to comment below if you visit any of them.

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