Color—it's Personal and Fun

Color—it's Personal and Fun

  • Adelaida Mejia
  • 01/29/22

Mid-century modern typically uses blocks of bright color to accentuate geometrical shapes like the bright Formica (plastic laminate) countertops of the octagonal home in Geyserville. In San Francisco, some homes from the 70s retain specific original characteristics, like the glazed brown high gloss tile contrasting the bright red-orange front door in this Ingleside Terrace house.

There is so much color and richness of texture in the kitchen of this home in Telegraph Hill: Glass tile in fog blue, walnut, and Carrara countertops. It's very soothing and quiet yet rich. Excellent experience to see the light travel in this space.

London's Pitzhanger Manor has some exciting color ideas ranging from cream, green and blue colored plaster that reminds me of Wedgewood Jasperware to a deep yellow marble cupola with a superimposed black rosette design and colored glass windows in the same tones.

White or muted color palettes receive color so well. Check out the acrylic-hued table in the child's room of this ultra-modern home in Corona Heights.

The geometrical forms of the marble inlay of the floors in San Marco, Venice, have passed the test of time. c. 1094, the building harnesses the beauty and eclecticism represented in several artifacts, including floors layered of several types of marble, and there is a symphony of color and geometry storytelling throughout.

Designers Eva and Alicia created a deep textural experience weaving color for the San Francisco Decorators Showcase, harnessing iridescence, layers of color, and textures for a magical bedroom.

In this Pacific Heights home, the interior swimming pool has a color lighting system that can be customized and adjusted to the swimmers' mood, enhancing the experience. Blue can be a color that carries some punch like in Alamo Square, designer Holly Hollenbeck's use of a blue accent over the croc embossed leather armchair by the Venetian Glass window, or in the blue house's interior garden in Glenn Park.

This Oakland house color scheme for the green entrance trimmed in grey and accented with a black bench are found in the delicate artwork by Emil Lucas as staged in the chic modern house I sold last year in Noe Valley

Sometimes, I want a pink hair moment because there are so many layers of colors in my hair, and it is super fun and exciting. And I love it. Courtesy of Stas, who is one of my favorite colorists. Check out his work.

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