SF District 6

Hayes Valley Up until a decade ago Hayes Valley was under the central freeway, dark and dingy. But after urban renewal efforts the area has become vibrant and growing. There’s a mix of new condo buildings (8 Octavia, 400 Grove, 300 Ivy, the Hayes) mixed in with Victorian flats, the occasional single family house along the small alleys that dot the area. Many big structures will have garage and parking in the rear along those alleys. The boundaries are porous between Civic Center and Alamo Square and the large swaths of Western Addition housing projects.

The Haight Famous for the summer of love and hippies it’s more filled with techies and yuppies than before. Lots of rental flats in carved up Victorians. Some big houses and condos. Potentially large, historic, some renovated.

The Panhandle & NoPa (North of Panhandle), Alamo Square, Western Addition Two major thoroughfares, Oak and Fell Streets, define the area. This area is filled with wood-floored, single-pane window Edwardian buildings with many that have been split up into condos with decently tall ceilings, plaster walls, and split bathrooms. The ones that have been restored may be TICs for a while but renovations of big houses can be stunning, expensive and more traditional: think Restoration Hardware. Parking tends to be tandem or squeezed into low-clearance garages unless steel beams were added.

Neighborhoods in SF District 6

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