The Haight

Here you'll find some of the City's most unique homes, parks and shopping.

Welcome to The Haight

Once synonymous with the counter-culture revolution, today's Haight Ashbury is a decidedly more grown-up neighborhood. Here you'll find some of the City's most unique homes, parks, and shopping. Of course, it's still a tourist favorite.
The Haight radiates around one of the city's most popular shopping destinations. You can find books and art, vintage and trendy attire, high-end chocolates, and second-hand records. There are many popular dive bars, but that doesn't keep up-and-coming mixologists away. And when dinner time rolls around, the dining options are endless.
The neighborhood is home to many Victorian and Edwardian homes, some of which have been restored in eye-popping palettes. Homes near the Panhandle are exceptionally desirable. There are also multi-unit apartment buildings and condos for the investment buyer.
Beautiful parks surround the Haight. The Panhandle is a great spot to bike, shoot hoops or just chill out by the bandstand. Golden Gate Park is home to many cultural attractions, festivals, outdoor pursuits, and world-class museums such as the DeYoung and the California Academy of Sciences. Buena Vista Park is near the eastern edge of the neighborhood, popular with joggers, dog walkers, and anyone who loves a great view.
Running along the north edge of the neighborhood, both Oak and Fell streets are major thoroughfares offering quick auto access to downtown and freeways. A number of busses serve the area, and a Muni streetcar stops just south of Haight. Bicyclists utilize a path called The Wiggle to access the neighborhood without taking on major hills or busy intersections.


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