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Providing housing in Guatemala Because everybody needs the security of a home.


Providing a place to call Home.

Providing a place to call Home.

As a housing non-profit, Home For A Home is driven by the belief that the security of a safe, solid home, provides hope and can be the catalyst for a dramatic change in people's lives. Our members are socially conscious real estate professionals who donate a portion of their commissions to sustainably fund the construction of homes for people in need. Currently, we are building homes and building community in Guatemala. Find out how you can help here.

Below is a link to our Impact Report that you can download, it is current as of the end of April 2021.

How It Works

One Home Purchased, Two Dreams Realized.


When someone uses a Home For A Home member to represent them in the purchase of a property, the real estate agent donates a portion of their commission to fund the construction of a home for a family in need. Each home is individually funded and the agent receives information and photos of the family that they can share with their clients.

The home is simple, yet solid. It includes a main living room, a bathroom with a shower and flushing toilet, a water filter system and high efficient wood burning stove.

The homes are a huge improvement over the recipient family's previous structure. The families also receive follow-up training from home maintenance and sanitation to financial budgeting.

Once a year, members have an exclusive invitation to visit Guatemala to help with the construction of a home and meet the families.


The Impact of COVID-19 in Guatemala

Guatemala faces a huge crisis created by the spread of COVID-19.

 In normal circumstances, Guatemala's healthcare system in rural areas is considered “appalling”, but in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, it is even worse. “‘The Guatemalan health care system is not prepared to attend to a pandemic of this magnitude,’ said Diego Petzey”, a community leader in the rural area called Santiago Atitlan (Abbott, April 16, 2020, Al Jazeera).

In rural areas, the government launched a prevention campaign about washing hands and social distancing in Indigenous languages on local radio and television. But many communities still lack daily information in their languages about the crisis. Additionally, as we know, access to clean water and the ability to wash hands is limited.

Our Members

Real estate professionals across the USA

Socially Conscious Real Estate Professionals.

Compassion. Care. Thoughtful and practical help. These make Home For A Home members awesome in their day to day business serving clients.

Naturally, as people who see and believe in the transformative power of housing, members are led to link their businesses with service to vulnerable families. They are socially conscious people who are putting their values to work.

Our Homes

Building adequate homes for families in need.

Believe in the transformative power of a home?

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